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About the Founder

  Tirzah Elese 

CEO +  Founder at Connect Hub |  
Education, Inclusion, Neurodiversity and Business Growth Consultant

A Leader, neurodiversity expert, researcher and director of education with 20+ years experience.  Leading conferences, change programmes and specialist training that change education! 

Working with business professionals in utilising skills needed for a modern business world. 

Founded Connect Hub to provide a place for business and education to overlap, making education relevant and business meaningful. Young People gain skills and mentor from business professionals and adults gain knowledge, ideas, creativty and energy from our youth. 


Collaborating, Networking, making Friends and increasing resepct cross- generation, we Grow and Develop in a world that we create together. 

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One day, at a BBQ

"Dad, school isn't giving me what I feel I need for my future. 

I feel unchallenged and unmotivated. 

I want to get knowledge that will benefit me for adulthood..."

"Son, I wish there was a space where you could study and work alongside me or other professionals. 

You would gain knowledge of so many life skills."

Tirzah, a long time education professional heard this and set about to create it. 
Connect Hub was born. 

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