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About the Founder

I am Tirzah Elese and I am redesigning Education for young people aged 16 and above. 

The world is desperate for new Education offers and I am passionate about making that happen. 

I am energised by people and I am creating a space where great minds and ideas can come together to create a new education platform - bringing it into the current century. 

Connect Hub is a co-study, co-working office, where young adults are invited in to study and gain qualifications online, while accessing courses to empower and upskill them for the real world. 

Check out our offer and follow our journey here. 

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One day, at a BBQ

"Dad, school isn't giving me what I feel I need for my future. 

I feel unchallenged and unmotivated. 

I want to get knowledge that will benefit me for adulthood..."

"Son, I wish there was a space where you could study and work alongside me or other professionals. 

You would gain knowledge of so many life skills."

Tirzah, a long time education professional heard this and set about to create it. 
Connect Hub was born. 

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We are building Partnerships

Services and partnerships offered by these companies enhance and boraden the offer from Connect to you!

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