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Come Evenings and Weekends...
   Are you looking for something for your teenagers to do, in a safe environment with qualified people? 


A glimpse of what we are hosting: 
     Dungeons and Dragons Night

     Board Game Nights 

     Movie Nights 

     Study Groups combined with Board Game Nights

Monopoly Board

Teens Connect and Play

Board Games and Art evening

It's Time to roll the dice, strategize and make memories and friendships. 
  - Brainy Battle 
  - Increase and show off your wit
  - Get competitive and achieve in challenges 
  - Have a fun and safe place to just 'hang out'

Every Wednesday evening, 7-10 pm

Watching a Movie

Teens Connect and Watch 

Cinema Night

Every Friday evening,  7:00 - 10:00 pm

What's on?
  - An Awesome movie 
  - With a High tech Screen and Sound 
  - Pop-corn and soda's 
  - A place to make new friends 
  - A chance to record your movie reviews and post on our social media ... 

Fantasy Horse

Teens Connect and Fantisize 

Dungeons and Dragons Night

Make a world of fantasy and magic with us
  - Create your own characters 
  - Storytell with Dungeon masters 
  - Challenges, puzzles, battles and conquests
  - Forge friendships through alliances and fellow adventurers
  - No expertise required... newcomers will be instructed how to fly... 

Last Friday of every month,  7:00 - 10:00 pm

Studying Together

Teens Connect and Study

Co-Study Groups

What ya' sayin'
   - Bring your homework. projects or coursework
   - Meet peers studying similar topics and at similar levels 
   - Get answers and effective strategies 
   - Gain mentors and tutor support 
   - Join our POD -CAST on education ... share your ideas

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening,  5:30 - 8:00 pm

Join the Fun
Make the Fun

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