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    Humans are PURPOSE maximisers! We gain PURPOSE through being given full Autonomy to Master what we aim to learn.  

Each and every brain is desperate to learn, seek out understanding and make new connections.

But we don’t learn boring stuff, through unstimulating methods.

​In today’s world, new information is accessible, plentiful and delivered in so many appealing ways, that our young people DON'T need the traditional school and teaching models to give them both basic and specialist knowledge. 

We DON'T need to leave education with: 
   - High Debt 
   - Poor Mental Health and low sense of self. 

   - Irrelevant and unnecessary knowledge - lacking NEEDED knowledge for life in the 21st Century 


We are living in the most stimulating, information filled and challenging world that our history has ever seen.


The world is developing ideas every minute. People are collaborating and inventing every second, in order to modernise and grow. 

  Yet we continue sending our young people into closed off classrooms, demanding silence and compliance, limiting risks and punishing failure.

Where is the autonomy and mastery opportunity there? 

   Why are we surprised that learners are disinterested and disengaged? 


   What is your opinion

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