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UnCut - Education Exposed 

Are test and exam results and attainment grades more important to our nation than the mental health and emotional stability of our future generations?

U_Connect Hub promotes: 

  No more labels...  'Special Needs', Disability or even 'Inclusion' ... We Welcome DIVERSITY! 

No more 'fitting in' strategies, We provide what all brains need.

No more 'sending them to learn', rather welcome them into our world. 


We are putting a full stop on a system that causes detrimental, life-long poor self-esteem and mental health for so many.

You only Fail when you stop trying. Mistakes are vital to learning and Growth. Diversity is welcomed. 


We grow in self-belief when we achieve challenges set for ourselves. We lose self-love and a sense of self-worth when we are made to believe that we have failed or did not contribute.


Self confidence and Self-belief creates Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Inventors and Strong people.

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