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Are you a digital NOMAD, looking for a vibrant community in Valencia city?

U Connect Hub is offering:

A space filled with all you need to meet your work, networking and community building needs.

Here, just off Calle Doctor Manuel Candella, on Ramiro de Maetzu N1, you will find:

1. Reliable, fast and Fiber optic Internet

2. Coworking Spaces: a professional work environment with a unique set of networking opportunities with the aim to build a strong sense of community.

comfortable workstations,

meeting / Zoom rooms

refreshments and relaxation areas

Pod Cast and film room

Board room hire

Weekly social and work networking events

3. Alongside other business professionals, you will have the benefit and joy of working alongside and networking wtih young people gaining online qualifications 'en Valencia'.

Valencia is a city rich with Cultural and Unique Experiences. While you are taking advantage of the rich heritage, local festivals, vibrant arts scenes, the relaxed sea side city lifestyle and opportunities to explore new cuisines, Connect Hub will offer the space you need to complete work, connect with like-minded people and create the community we all need when living abroad.

Connect Hub also offers a Virtual Office Service. Where you can have access to the following:

Business address

Tax abroad address

Business Postal address

Reference to trusted local legal, visa and tax services

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