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Can I do my schooling online?

At Connect Hub you can!! Check out our new Positive Education approach! Are you 16 - 22 and find that the education you are engaging in is not really giving you what you need for your future?

Are the traditional methods of teaching and curriculum delivery feeling monotonous and uninspiring? Do you feel you cannot engage fully in your learning; feeling 'educated' rather than 'empowered or skilled'. You want to spend time researching, thinking critically. using your own ideas and initiative, using technology to deepen your experiences and put your new learning into practice?

Connect Hub is #changingeducation through personalised online learning opportunities and providing a space where young people can complete their qualifications alongside peers and the working professional. You could be in an office set up like a co-working space and you would have autonomy to work and learn with whom you chose, when is best for you and where in the space that you learn best. You will also have access to life-skill courses that give you the skills you really need for life after education. i.e. Budgeting, Nutrition and fitness, CV writing, level 3 in Coding or Excel, Wellness and Mental Health, Finance and Taxes, Leadership and Communication and more ...

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You can gain qualifications without spending long hours and endless days in a classroom. You can connect with learners around the globe and learn from tutors across the world that are experts in their field. The WWW now offers 1,000's of opportunities with modern, relevant, engaging, interactive and personalised courses that are cheap and high quality.

Here you will feel a true sense of authenticiy where you can express your individuality in both learning and development, throughout your Secondary Education. You will have access to a high level of Digital engagement through our podcast and You Tube channels and lead on their content and programme.

Join us in changing the Education platform for young people today and beyond.

Give us a call today

+34 698 920720

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