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Life. Boldly redefined.

Why do we need to redefine anything? Much less, boldly.

In order to meet the needs of the 21st Century, which is rapidly running away from us...

We MUST alter how we prepare our young people for the adult life they will walk into at 22.

I've read two thought provoking articles in the last week that have highlighted to me that what Connect Hub is doing is EXACTLY what the world is stating it needs. Both young people and business leaders.

The Four Major Trends of Higher Education in 2021 | D2L

4 trends that will shape the future of higher education | World Economic Forum (

Check this one out...

Establishing a permanent place for Hybrid, Hyflex and Online Learning or

'Learning from Everywhere'

- It states the education institutions are now blending face to face and online learning, respecting the impact and relevance that it has for our young people.

However it also states that its an aim and desire for Universitiies, yet the challenge remains with breaking through old models or 'ways of doing things'

Connect Hub is free from those. Here's another one that jumped out at me...

Planning with Career Readiness in mind or

Teaching skills that remain relevant in an ever changing world...

If our kids are going to go into a world that we don't even know how it will exist and do jobs that aren't invented yet and design a world not yet realised, then I ask... 'Why are we only teaching them what we know?'

Connect Hub is focusing most of its learning support on teaching 'real world skills'. The leadership, communication, problem -solving, mental health and wellbeing, business and finance skills that will enable your young person to be the mature, resiliant entreprenuer that you so hope them to be.


Student Success - Reimagined

We have to change what we tell young people is success in their formative years! Our current messaging is ruining generations. Shame, lack of self-belief, knowledge that you don't fit into the education box and worst of all, the notion that 'you are not good enough' -- all must end. We are in the 21st Century for God's sake!! Why are our methods in Education so old-fashioned??

Success is about the person you are and become, not about the grades you get!

Success is rooted in self-belief, an awareness of others, empathy and inner strength.

Success is enhanced by learning from others and taking their skills and mistakes and bettering them for the next person...

I am creating a space where all of this is possible... Come and Check it out!

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