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Unlocking your young person's potential - Empowering their future in the 21st Century

In a world that's constantly evolving, providing our teenagers with the right skills for their life outside 'School' is crucial for their success and fulfillment in the 21st century. As parents, we understand the challenges our teens and young people face in a rapidly changing job market and life demands.

What's more important to enter adult life with?

The pithagerian therum or Banking and Budgeting, Coding, AI, Business Entrepreneurship, Digital Financial Literacy and /or Mental Health and Nutritian ... ???

Connect Hub is on a mission to empower your Young People with the skills they need to thrive. Here is a list of what we have on offer. Shop | Connect Hub (

Navigating the Complex Landscape

The 21st century presents a complex and dynamic professional landscape, and traditional education alone is not be enough to prepare our young people for the challenges ahead. At Connect Hub, we lead the way in providing LEARNING THAT GOES BEYOND THE TEXTBOOK, focusing on the practical skills and knowledge required in today's world. HOW?

1. Relevant, Real-world Skills

Our courses are crafted to equip teenagers with relevant, real-world skills that are in high demand across various industries. From Digital Literacy and Coding, Financial knowledge living on a budget or managing your banking. More topics such as: Getting to Grips with the World of AI, Brand Design to Mental Health, Leadership and CEO skills, Communication skills.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare your Young People for the opportunities and challenges they'll encounter in their future careers.

Future-proofing Careers

We all want our Young People to be the best they can be, yet EDUCATION TODAY IS NOT AIDING US TOWARDS THAT AIM.

Our specialized courses are not just about immediate success; they are about future-proofing your young person's life opportunities. By enrolling in our programs, your teenagers gain a competitive edge when entering the world of work.


' I would have been able to get that manager job, had I had a knowledge of excel!"

' I have undergone a course in Coding, now I am able to lead a large and brand new department for Google.

' I spent years learning things in school that were not useful to me. The boss didn't need my knowledge in his company.'

Hands-on Learning Experiences

Our commitment to excellence extends to the learning experience itself. Tirzah Elese, the Founder of Connect Hub, believes and has proven that hands-on, interactive learning is at the core of true learning. When the brain is engaged, problem-solving and is motivated, it produces Dopamine that makes it want to have more, do it again and excell in that knowledge.

Through locally connected projects with local businesses, simulations, portfolio development and collaborative activities, your young people will not only gain knowledge but also develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for success.

We have the technology to bring AI, IT and Technology to life, utilising these vital tools to enhance job and life opportunities.

Nurturing Well-rounded Individuals through a Mentor programme

Beyond technical skills, we focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals. Learners are given full autonomy in regard to attendance, portfolio quality, project development as well as time management. Each learner will have opportunity to access our Mentor programme as well as working and learning alongside adults already in business.

By signing up to our courses, your young person will also receive a 'coworking' desk space to use throughout the month, studying alongside entrepreneurs and business professionals using the coworking offices as well.

Our courses emphasize and demand practice in the soft skills such as teamwork, communication, strategic thinking, creativity, ingenuity and adaptability. These qualities are not only valued and sought after by employers but also contribute to the personal growth and confidence of our next generation.

A PODCAST to document and analyse our Journey

We need to hear from young people, their parents and professionals as to what EDUCATION should be providing for our next generations.

From February, Connect Hub will be running a PODCAST where we will have deep conversations that unpick and explore the big issues on 'What Education is for' in today's world.

THE VOCAL MIND - Defy the Conventional is our podcast that doesn't just think outside the box in regard to Education. Fuck the Box and JUST THINK is our starting point...

What do employers need and demand for the workplace today? What skills does the 22nd century Entrepreneur need?

What do young people beginning to do 'adulting' really need to know?

What is wrong and detrimental in our Education system today?

What is redundant, what is a waste of time and what do we need to use our vital development years for?

and More Join the Journey ... Join the Conversation: PodCast | Connect Hub (

Investing in Your Young Person's Future

Enrolling your teenagers in our specialized courses is an investment in their future success. By providing them with the skills needed in the 21st century, you are giving them the tools to confidently pursue their passions and contribute meaningfully to society.

Connect | Connect Hub will help you open doors for your young person, in their early adult life, both locally in Valencia Spain, but also globally.

We have global business and education connections that will be beneficial for their future.

Take the Next Step

Join us in shaping a brighter future for Education; empowering Entrepreneurs in your Young People. Explore our range of specialized courses tailored to meet the demands of the 21st century. Together, let's equip our kids with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Connect Hub in Valencia is the only centre offering these opportunities for young people and We look forward to partnering with you in preparing the next generation for success.

Contact Tirzah Elese for more information

+34 698 920720

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