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Want to travel and live the Digital Nomad life and still offer quality education for your kids?

Today's world is filled with options for Education. Traditional classrooms are no longer the only way to gain a qualification, degree or certification.

Being in a classroom and spending the day at school is the best way to get kids educated and to socialise. Right? You are not giving your child the right start in life if you give them an alternative way of gaining skills or qualificiations? Yet, many know that schools today are ridgid, guided by timetables and test results. They put children into restricted boxes that are determined by their academic scores and their age. Expectiations are limied and unrealistic, which drives up poor mental health and drives down self-love and confidence. Let's also evaluate the actual content of what our children are being tested on. Are we really giving our future generation what they actually need for their future. Are we preparing them to create and develop and work in the future world?

Communication, Problem -solving, Critical thinking, Leadership and emotional literacy are skills that are needed in the world today, not an A in the Pythagorean theorem. Since COVID-19, more parents are asking themselves 'What is my child's education fo?"

Now there are a host of more personalised courses online, that are more modern, relevant, personalised and globally connected that also give your young person the time and capacity to truly develop themselves through other experiences.

Connect Hub is offering a space that enables young people completing courses online through a connected and vibrant learning and working community.

We offer mentorship, coaching and Life-Skill courses filled with information young adults actually need for entering the world of work and independent life.

Contact us today and explore how this might be the best option for your young person.

+34 698 920720

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