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The best alternative Education for young people in Valencia! Bold - yet True... Check out why...

Is an Online Curriculum your young person's 'School'? Do they need a Social Network, friends and time with peers?

Co-Studying | Connect Hub (

In today's rapidly changing world, parents everywhere are engaging in a vital conversation about the future of education. The need for a fresh approach to learning has never been more evident. Connect Hub is at the forefront of this educational revolution.

With online education becoming increasingly prevalent, parents are seeking alternatives that provide their young learners with a more dynamic and effective learning experience, personalised to them and giving them the knowledge they 'actually' need for their futures.

This model allows time for young people to focus on their passions or chosen caeer paths, building up the skills they need during their formative years.

Traditional classroom settings do not cater to the diverse needs of students in the 21st century nor do they allow them the time and space to develop real world skills . The new model we offer at Connect Hub is designed to address these concerns.

Parents are talking about the need for:

  1. Flexibility: A dynamic, adaptable approach to education that accommodates the unique schedules and learning styles of their children.

  2. Engagement: An environment that fosters active engagement, cross -age, cross- generation collaboration and social interaction, which can sometimes be lacking in remote learning.

  3. Personalization: Tailored learning experiences that empower students to explore their passions and interests, nurturing their individual growth.

  4. Skills for the Future: Education that goes beyond traditional academics, preparing students with real-world skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability.

  5. Mentorship and Community: A supportive community where young minds can connect with mentors, peers, and experts who guide them on their educational journey.

At Connect Hub we understand these concerns and have created a space where young learners can thrive. Our co-study /co-working Co-Studying | Connect Hub ( space offers the ideal blend of flexibility, community, and personalized learning, ensuring your child is well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Connect Hub is the best alternative education option for young people in Valencia. Bold Statement, we know. Why do we believe it?

1. Flexibility and Adaptability:

  • Your young person can start and end their learning day as it best suits them. This model allows for flexible schedules, time to focus on individual goals or projects that develop mastery of their passions. This flexibility is crucial in a rapidly changing world.

2. Personalized Learning:

  • Embedded into Connect Hub's model is personalized learning. You and your young person chose your Curriculum, langauge or country of origin, times to learn, pace at which you study and projects you want to be involved in, in order to master your chosen subjects.


3. Social Interaction and Collaboration:

  • Social interaction and collaboration is vital for young people to have. Learning to collaborate, communicate and socialise are required skills for their future and working alone at home limits their capacity to develop these.

  • Online education, albeit versitile, personalised and modern, doesn't offer the face to face or physical connection with peers.

At connect Hub your young person gets the best of both!

4. Professional Workspace:

  • Motivation and Focus are enhanced and learnt by working alongside adult professionals here at Connect Hub. Our environment mirrors the real-world work environment they may face after their studies, allows them to build friendships and partnerships with business people, find mentors and build early professional networks.

Young people are growing up faster today than ever before. Let's give them the 'grown up' skills the world is looking for. Connecting them with Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Experts will inadvertantly empower them with the CEO skills for their future.

5. Access to Resources:

  • With bright airy work and relax spaces, rooms of different styles, high-speed internet, high tech equipment and access to experts or tutors, your young person has the PERFECT LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT Space. These resources can enhance the learning experience.

  • Addionally they have access to:

- Modern Knowledge courses - Current, Relevent, Exciting and Cutting-edge

Topics like Coding, Crypto, APP development, Digital Programming, Social Media, Microsoft, Leadership, Mental Health, Nutrition, Using AI and more... will inspire, interest and drive your young person to mater skills needed for the 21st century.

- Direct access to Valencia! We are located in the centre of town, so they will have opportunity to develop independence and maturity by using the local amenities when they like.

- Mentors - A weekly catch up with a mentor of their choice. Maybe there's a professional working

6. Time Management Skills:

  • Working alongside business professionals who model the business acumen needed for today's working world, young people will develop strong time management and self-discipline skills. Through observation, co-working, joint project work and discussions in the coffee room, vital skills will be observed, mirrored and embedded.

  • CEO, Creative and Leadership skills are what employers are looking for, not C-A+ in Math, English and Science.

7. Networking Opportunities:

  • Networking opportunities are woven into the experiences across Connect Hub. From 'Ladies in Business co-working day' to evening after work events your young person will have opportunities to network, link in business and friendship and find mentors to support their growth and development.

  • Additionally, connecting with peers who share similar goals and interests yet hold different cultures or race, language and expeirences can lead to valuable, rich and diverse connections for their future.

8. Health and Wellbeing:

  • Having time and autonomy to: - Learn that way that suits you best - Choose your course and curriculum - Start and finish when you want, against your own chosen goals - Mix study and relax time, networking or social activities - Explore and engage with the surrounding community and use local amenaties when wanted

All enable young people to grow into full self-actualization, self confidence and mental wellness. There is no shame placed on any learner at Connect Hub, only mentoring, coaching and expectaitons to meet social and work expectations.

9. Supportive Community:

  • The more we collectively work and study together, engage in acitivites with clients as well as their parents or partners, we will begin to build a Supprotive Community.

  • Connect Hub is all about CONNECTION... The ethos is in the name!!! Weather it's social, professional or developmental, our Community is strong.

10. Real-World Skills:

  • The essence of Connect Hub (Co-Studying | Connect Hub ( is a place where young people aren't bound to traditional education, which ultimately is pretty 'without' when it comes to gaining skills actually needed outside of the classroom.

  • Through all that is outlined above as well as the 'Modern Knowledge' courses we have on offer, Shop | Connect Hub ( Young people will gain practical, real-world skills, enabling them to be ready for an unknown future.

  • Connect Hub is a place where we model, thrive, mentor and encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity through long-term group projects and community based initiatives.

  • We welcome and explore how best to use modern technology, AI and Social Media. It's part of our world today, let's enable our future generation to use it for good and to better their careers and lives.

11. Future-Proofing Education:

  • Universities and Colleges are now providing courses online that directly teach modern world skills, in an engaging way, globally connected, 'with short, sharp information', delivered in ways that engage the modern brain.

  • The Connect Hub model Co-Studying | Connect Hub ( aligns education with the evolving demands of the job market. We facilitate preparing students for a future that we don't even know exists, where adaptability and continuous learning are key.

  • Our top priority for your young people will be to facilitate them gaining the skills they need to be confident, creative thinkers, leaders, mature and respectful communicators and upskilled with so many aspects that will give them a better start to their chosen careers or businesses.

Why School in Class When you can School in Life

12. Testimonials and Success Stories:

  • "I wish I had known of a place like this all of last year. I know that if I had had a place to come, alongside peers and adults, to complete my courses, I would have achieved much better grades" Sarah, 15 years old

  • "It seems like I have been looking for a place like this all my homeschooled life! This is really what kids like us need" Alejandro, 17 years old

13. Safety and Supervision:

  • At Connect Hub your young person will be safe both physically and online, through the rigid checks we make on our colleagues and clients in regard to Child Protection.

  • They will however be given Autonomy to come and go from the centre as they choose, however they will have mentors and supervisors onsite to support them in their maturity towards this skill.

  • Connect Hub monitors and manages online use, webstie access etc in order that each young person has a secure and conducive learning environmentt.

14. Cost-Effective:

  • We would find it hard to put a price on opportunity and the social, mental and cognitive development of your young person, as it is all we as parents live for.

  • Yet Connect Hub offers all the above for only 195 per month.

You pay for the courses you select, with your chosen University or Colleage. Then you top up this in your budget by only 200 extra and your young person will receive:

- A mentor and supervisor

- Their own desk where they can work each day

- Access to many 'Modern Knowledge' courses run by Connect Hub

- Dicounts on 'Modern Knowledge' courses that are fee paying

- Access to social and business events running

- All the Co-working facilities in-house

- Priceless partnership, connections and friendships

- Trust and Autonomy to interact with others as a professional and colleague

Why Pay 1,000's per month for education that isn't used later in life?

Pay little and gain 1,000's per month in value, skills and future...

15. Trial Period:

  • Connect Hub is offering a trial period of one week if a trial month is purchased or a month free if a three month package is purchased.

We want you to feel valued and invited to be part of our ever growing community and learning hub.

Contact Tirzah Elese for more information, policies and Code of Conduct documents, to support you in alieviating any fears you may have about how things are run here at Connect Hub.

Ultimately, the key is to communicate how your co-study co-working space addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of 21st-century education while creating a supportive and effective learning environment for young people.




CONTACT TIRZAH ELESE DIRECTLY AT: - create an account and become part of the community

Phone: 698 920720



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