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Will your education give you what you need for your future outside school? 


What is the role of the 'teacher' in your education journey?


Spending time teaching cognitive skills that are defined by a test is not what education should be about anymore. "There’s an App for that"

"I would prefer Mentors and Coaches that facilitate thought, encourage ideas and innovation, model life skills through their actions or partnership."   Julianna, Media and tech honors student, aged 21

1000's of online platforms are offering a personalised, flexible and hybird model of learning. Taking away the 'classroom pressure', eliminating redundance and provide an opening to the world.


Their teachers are lecturers and mentors, with the role of scaffolding the process of thinking that evoke investigation and inquiry.

We excel and achieve when we have autonomy over what we are doing. Time to learn, collaborate, research, explore, take risks and feel confident are essential for deep learning and success.  

Connect provides a platform for young people to access courses and learning of their choice, while developing alongside business professionals, experts and parents.

Bringing them into the real world early, giving them life skills alongside opportunity to obtain degrees or qualifications. 

What do you think? 

Would you select this model for your young person? 

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