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   A New Approach to Education ...

The current Education system is broken, old fashioned and not meeting the needs of your young people. 
The world around us and  inside the w.w.w. is filled with knowledge and creativity that will empower your young person for their future... 

  Connect Hub is a Co-Study space for young people who want to say goodbye to traditional classrooms and 'Hello' to opportunity, individuality and relevent knowledge. 

  'Co-working for Kids' studying online, joint projects that solidify academic learning and opportunities to socialise and build international friendships and connections. 


We are a new and modern space where Education truly enables young people become prepared for the world they will enter.

Connect Hub is Unlocking Growth and Progress for young people by opening up the world of connectivity, innovation and global connectedness.

Reimagin and design your possibilities, Connected 



11 -15 Co-Studying

A safe, supportive and challenge based space to complete your online schooling. 

Provides a community of peers, project partners and friends, working through term based projects that teach real-world skills.

Tutors, referees and mentors on-site to offer guidance, advice and facilitate project work. 


16- 18 Co-Studying

A challenge-based learning space, offering global and local projects to instill and rehearse furture world skills.

CEO Skills, Creative thinking, Fianancial Literacy, Mental Health, IT/ Digital Literacy and more...

A mentor and coach available to offer life skill advice, along with your personalised study desk...


18 - 23+ Co-Study/Co-Work

A study office, designed to give your young adult learner the experiences of the world of work. 


Autonomy to choose time and space to learn, select mentors that inspire, develop personal goals through local and globally connected learing projects. 


Taking leadership in hosting or joining educational events and connecting peers with the adult professional. All while completing accredited qualifications. 

12 - 15  =  € 300 pcm              3 months  =  € 750                1 year  =  €  2, 160   

16 - 18  =  €  200 pcm             3 months  =  € 500               1 year  =   € 1, 400

18 - 21+ =  € 180  pcm             3 months  =  € 450 
           1 year   =  € 1, 296

 Half Price for siblings  

We know:  Education is Broken... not fit to cultivate skills needed for an unknown future.

We propose:  It's about time we change that!

Connect Hub has the Solution... Watch this video


Connect Hub is the first in the world *(as known) to offer a 'Co-working Space' for young people doing qualifications online, (12 - 20)  young entrepreneur graduates with a Start-up or International FE students.


16 - 20 year olds will have the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by the business professional. 

The cross -fertilization of skills will empower you to develop the CEO and Entrepreneur skills required to live and design an unknown world, while creating a network of experts and professionals while you're at it. 

Communication, business acumen, time management, focus, cultural awareness, resiliance, self-belief, management, problem-solving and creativity are skills that will be gained through building a community of students and working professionals. 

     Not to mention all the adults will learn and gain from the young people.

Hear from Celebrities, Authors,  Industry Moguls & People like You & Me

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'It's about time we do Education different'. 

Join the Conversation;

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'think with us' and be part of the Change

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Ï wish we had this for our son who just finished 4 years of learning online. The programme was good and suited him, yet he would have gained so much from having a learning community just like this.

¨Meryl Walters  - Mother and Digital Nomad, Spain

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