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Virtual Office 

Board Room or Office Hire 


Courses and Events

Co-Study with peers learning online

Join Life-Skill Courses 

Gain Mentors 

Entrepreneur and Business Courses 

Business Courses 

Life-Skill Courses 

Events for Young People

Professional Meet-ups / Information

Networking events

Women's Business Circle

Language Programmes

Parents Events 

Anytime, Anywhere

Smiling Women

Anytime, Anywhere

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Virtual Office: 

Have a physical address and base, while still working from home or anywhere.



Take advantage of our partners Flexado Group -
with 30 years in the business of Virtual office services 

  € 120 /month
1 year commitment 
  € 180 /month 
Cancel any time

Payment for a year 
   € 1,400 /year  


Anytime, Anywhere


Conference Centre

Need a space to run your company event, training or showcase day. Connect with us. use our facilities and utilise this flexible space.

Your Business 
Your Space


Why learn in school when you can learn in life?

Beyond the Ordinary Work Space

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