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Connect Hub 
Life.  Boldly Reimagined.
Co-Study & Co-Work

Gain qualifications online, alongside the working world. 

Join other expats and professionals looking to build a network of brilliant minds and entrepreneurs.

Be the architect of your Career 

Learn and Teach skills for a modern world 

NOMAD Co-working and Co-study

Rent a desk with us and gain... 

A Personalised study or work space 

Do your baccalaureate or A levels online

Gain relevant qualifications that will serve your personal life goals and interests 

Learn in a modern relevent way, in order to work in an ever changing world.

Re-design education with us

A Community

A modern office for 21st century work

Why complete your study or work at home? 

Come and join our developing community and make professional partnerships, network and friends. 

A personalised or hot desk, office space or board room

Social, Wellbeing and entrepreneur events 

Easy access to train, city centre and amenities 

Fiber optic wifi, airconditioning and bright airy spaces

Independent access and secure lock-away spaces for your convenience 

21st Century Education
educador digital

Are you looking for a different approach to your Education? 

One that gives you what you need for your future?

Move your 'Desk' to a modern, stimulating work space...

where you can study what you choose, intergrated into a working and learning community.

Your Time 

Your Programme 

Your Success



Opening Day June 16th, 2023 

Check out how we are developing...

Contact Tirzah Elese to find out more 

+34 698 920720

Hear from Celebrities, Authors,  Industry Moguls & People like You & Me

What is School for?
Our Offer
In English and Spanish

A 22nd Century Approach to 21st Century Life

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'It's about time we do Education different'. 

Join the Conversation;
Sign up, 'think with us' and be part of the Change

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