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Connect Hub is a shared co-working and co-study space in the heart of Valencia.

At our coworking space, we offer a collaborative work environment that fosters creativity and networking opportunities.


From our cosy co-study area to our spacious conference rooms, we have everything you need to work and connect on your terms.


Plus, our pet-friendly policy, open-plan kitchen and dining room and Zoom call rooms set us apart from other coworking spaces and ensure that you can work comfortably and efficiently.

A Business and Professional Development Centre 

  • Work, Collaborate, and Join Businesses or Education events. 

  • Design your own event and bring in new clients.

  • Support Entrepreneurs or young people working to set up their own businesses. 

Flexible work and study spaces designed for your needs


A personalised desk in a shared office, alongside entrepreneurs just like you.

Find it how you left it, lock away your belongings and make it your own space.

Starting from €190 /month

Grab a desk when you need it, selecting from a variety of inviting work spaces.

Your own table or a shared workbench

Starting from €145  /month


For your small Company, where you set up your private office, while still enjoying the benefits of co-working

Become part of a work community while still meeting your company needs.

Starting from €600 /month


Get the privacy you need for those daily online meetings, then go back to join your colleagues and enjoy the wealth co-working provides.


Book your office at Connect and enjoy the Virtual services provide, in partnership with Flexado Group.

Our Virtual Office packages includes use of meeting rooms and hot-desking.

Starting from €69 /month


Set up your company Conference or Traning day. Half days to week long event options.

Refreshments and catering on order.

Use of office facilities during your events.

Starting from €145 per day

Life. Boldly Reimagined.

  • Desks, private offices and meeting spaces 

  • 24-hour access code

  • Virtual Office - Autonomo business address 

  • Unbeatable deals

  • Pet friendly

  • Members events 

  • Discounted rates for specialist courses of interest

Rent a desk with us and get a Community

IMG_0329 (1).jpg
  • A personalized or hot desk

  • Office space or boardroom

  • Fiber optic WIFI, A/C and bright, airy spaces

  • Social, wellbeing and entrepreneur events 

  • Easy access to train, city centre and amenities 

  • Independent access and secure lock-away spaces

  • Kitchen access and coffee, tea and water on tap

  • Complete your study alone or work alongside professionals and peers

  • Use of kitchen, lounge and dining areas for clients 

  • Make professional partnerships

  • Network and build business opportunities

  • Create and join social events to build friendships 

A modern approach to education
  • Do your baccalaureate or A Levels online

  • Gain relevant qualifications that will serve your personal life goals and interests

  • Take part in life-skill learning - courses offering you knowledge you need for life outside education 

  • Learn in a modern, relevant way, in order to work in an ever-changing world

A co-work, co-study, co-innovation hub.

What Clients Say

I was told this place was a great place to work. I came by and spent the day and I love it. 
This space just really fits the vibe of this city. It is trendy, friendly, comfortable and a perfect space to be productive. And I made a business deal here too. 

Andy,  28 year old professional, Germany 

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